Meditation Teachers discuss meditation.
Teachers from different traditions answer the same questions in this series of video interviews.

In these videos you'll find different paths, different approaches, and different ideas.

Christopher Titmuss

A former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, Christopher teaches Awakening and Insight Meditation around the world. He is the founder and director of the Dharma Facilitators Programme and the Living Dharma programme, an online mentor programme for Dharma practitioners.

He gives retreats, participates in pilgrimages (yatras) and leads Dharma gatherings. Christopher has been teaching annual retreats in Bodh Gaya, India since 1975 and leads an annual Dharma Gathering in Sarnath since 1999.

He is the co-founder of Gaia House, an international retreat centre in Devon, England.

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Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

Jacqueline experienced awakening some years ago, and since then her focus has been on fulfilling a vision of the "Cosmic Airport " at her Singing Heart ashram in South India, near the sacred hill, Arunachala. She teaches both in India and in Europe.

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Stephen Fulder

The founder and most senior teacher of the organization Tovana in Israel, Stephen has been practicing vipassana meditation since 1975.

Steven is a scientist who has dedicated his life to studying spirituality and therapy for the body and the inner self, specializing in the field of herbal medicine. He has also published twelve academic works and leads courses in meditation and Dharma throughout Israel.

Steven was an early supporter of using Dharma to promote peace in society. He is one of the founders and directors of the Golden Path, a non-profit organization that promotes nonviolence, compassion and peace. In addition, he is also a director of Citizens for the Environment.

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Ajay Pal Singh

Ajay has been assisting friends with spiritual advice since 1988. He uses his own unique interpretation to modernise and enliven traditional texts, such as the Yoga Vashista and the Bhagavad Gita. He provides advice specific to each individuals unique circumstances.

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