About the website (and me)
My vision statement: To provide the best free meditation resource on the internet.

This is an independent site.

This website is owned by me. All of the webdesign, updates, etc. are done by me, and I am not a professional, so please forgive me if things don't work perfectly (and please let me know if something is broken).

Because it's just me I may take some time to respond to requests, and can be slow to update things.

Like many people in the west I had a Christian upbringing, and have since studied and practiced various forms of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Sufi meditation methods.

Thank you to the many people who have patiently guided me over the years. This website is my way of giving something back.

I hope you have benefited from the site.

Best wishes,


To provide information on meditation and spirituality that is not specific to one particular meditation organization, philosophy or religion. Many meditation websites are from one particular perspective or specific teaching and thus only advocate their way, often claiming to be the "real" or "pure" path.

This website aims to recognize that we are all individuals, and as such we may need different techniques or paths to achieve our personal goals. Thus I offer a range of methods and techniques in the hope that you may find something that resonates with you, and assist you in finding what you are looking for.

In essence, this website is the website that I would like to find if I was new to meditation.


All expenses of this website are paid out of my personal savings.

No listings or articles etc. in any section of this website, including the directory, pay me money to be listed. All information on this website is here for free.

There are some clearly marked advertisements on the website that are provided by google ads, (such as the one above, unless you're using an adblocker) and as such the specific ads are chosen by google and not by me. I have done my best to block any "inappropriate" ads. I do earn a small amount if people choose to follow the ad link, which goes toward paying the cost of the website.

The recommended reading page provides links to books on Amazon. If you follow those links, and purchase a book from Amazon within 24 hours then I receive a small amount from Amazon. Please note that this does not increase the price of purchase, it just means Amazon shares a bit of their profit with me for the referral.

It's just another way of me trying to fund this site.

Other than any income from these ads or from Amazon, this website receives no funding from any outside source or organization, and is paid for out of my wallet. As such it is my way of giving back for what I have received from various teachers and methods over the years.

If you have benefited from this website and would like to help me cover its costs please make a donation. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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