An intention is a signal or urge in the mind to think, speak or act.

Meditation Instructions

Freedom does not mean acting on every impulse that comes into our minds. Recognizing destructive urges before we act gives time for wisdom to come through - maybe we don’t need to drink that third cup of coffee or check our email again. Do we really need to work on the "to do" list or tell that person what we think? By bringing attention to intentions, we can learn to act upon some and let go of others.

~ Begin to notice the intention to move your body. If you hesitate before moving, you may be able to catch the urge to get up after a sitting, to scratch an itch, or to turn when you come to the end of your walking line. During sitting and walking meditation, notice the urge to distract yourself by moving or looking around. Sooner or later, intentions will fade away if we don’t act upon them.

~ See what happens to the intention when you bring attention to it.

Riding out certain intentions untangles us from painful thoughts and actions. Letting intentions come and go by themselves can be a powerful expression of freedom.

*Thanks to Bryan Tucker for providing and allowing the use of these instructions.

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