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Learn How to Meditate

Basic & detailed meditation instructions, guided meditations, mantras, videos, where to meditate, free ebooks and more.


What is Meditation?



Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and, connecting with the body.

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Why Meditate?

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Meditation reduces stress and pain, and increases happiness.

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How to Meditate

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Easy to understand meditation instructions, techniques and methods.

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Meditation Ebooks

Free meditation ebooks for download, Buddhist, Hindu and more.

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Where to Meditate

Everywhere in the world to meditate, local or distant, in our World Directory

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Guided Meditations

Free Meditations for relaxation, pain and stress relief, happiness and clarity.

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Video Interviews

Meditation Teacher Video Interviews


Teachers from different traditions discussing

"What is Meditation?"

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Hindu Mantras

Shiva Meditating


Hindu mantras for meditation, healing and prosperity, in words & video.

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Buddhist Mantras

Buddha Meditating


"Om Mani Padme Hum", the "Medicine Buddha" mantra, and more.....

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Fantastic Places to Meditate

Great places to meditate

All of the places listed here are highly recommended.

They each have that special combination of supportive

atmosphere and stillness that nurtures the cultivation

of a quiet mind and depth of meditation practice.

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Articles on Meditation

Masters and Teachers of meditation with varied backgrounds and traditions, discussing different aspects of meditation and spirituality in our articles section.

Photos of meditation teachers

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